ASTRA Polymer80 PFC9 G19 G17 G22 G23 PSA Dagger QLS/UBL Holster


ASTRA is our OWB holster for belt rigs, drop leg setups, etc. The ASTRA includes all of our standard features such as optic cut and suppressor height sight channel.  It features a QLS hole pattern mount point and can be used with any attachment that uses the same hole pattern.


  • Optic Cut
  • Suppressor Height Sight Channel
  • QLS/UBL mount point – QLS/UBL Sold separately.
    Note: 3 screw posts are included with holster for attaching the QLS fork.
  • Compatibile with Polymer80 PFC9, PF940C, PF940v2, PF940CL; OEM Glock G19, G17, G23, G22; PSA Dagger; Other glock-based frames, 3D printed frames (Please provide feedback so we can compile a complete list)
  • Incompatible with PF45 or PF9SS or other large caliber or single stack glock based frames
  • Right handed orientation

Black, FDE, Olive Drab Green, Black Carbon Fiber, Storm Grey, Foliage Green, Blood Red, Blood Red Carbon Fiber

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